The next step

Skiing. That’s the next step. A month of skiing. If you’re pushed for time you can probably stop reading now. I know you can’t get any more cliched than backpacking around South America followed by a ski season, but we thought that if we’re going to pretend to be wide eyed 18 year olds with a shiny new set of A-levels and a scraggly beard then we might as well go the whole hog.

We’re not just skiing though. We’re volunteering for a month with Oakhall Holidays, who are an (excellent) Christian holiday company. They basically organise holidays to places you might want to go to, but with a distinctively Christian emphasis. There’s an optional prayer meeting every morning, and an optional meeting every night, with singing, prayer and a talk from the Bible. I did one last year and loved it.

We land at Heathrow at 2.30pm on Thursday 25th, then are being whisked by my ever generous and willing parents down to Deal for a quick reunion meal with both families. By 10pm we’ll have got rid of some stuff (sun umbrella, beach towels, Lonely Planet guides), taken on other stuff (a large curry, thermals, Jaffa cakes) and be ready once more to depart. At 10.50pm we get on a coach and head for Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland (oh no, an overnight bus journey, I’m quaking in my boots!). We then get a week at Lauterbrunnen to just enjoy some skiing, after which we head on to Champery, which is either in Switzerland or France or both, I’m not really sure.

At Champery we’ll be working for 3 weeks. I’ll be giving a 20 minute Bible talk each night, from 1 Peter, 1 Thessalonians & Malachi respectively. Evie’s in charge of keeping the whole place clean and tidy, and helping out with cooking. We’ll both be part of the team helping guests to enjoy their skiing/boarding, and also have time, space and input to grow in their faith, or even to hear about Jesus for the first time. There’s something about being away with the same group of people for an extended period of time that helps people to open up, and assess what they’re living for.

If you’re so inclined, we’d love for you to pray with us while we’re serving with Oakhall. Please pray that each of us would do our jobs as we should, and use our gifts to further God’s work in people. Pray that people are impacted by what they hear from the Bible, in whatever way that is. Pray that we’d love each other well while probably being fairly busy and having lots of other people to think about. We appreciate it greatly.

On 25th Feb we land back in the UK for good. If you prefer us in person than in writing then it’s good news! Our diary is looking empty and we’d love to catch up with lots of people. If you don’t prefer us in person then probably best just to stick to reading the blogs…

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