The rest of the story… (Argentina & Chile)

Having realised that I never got round to documenting what we got up to as we passed through the two southernmost countries on our trip, I thought I’d give you a very brief idea of the highlights using only three words for each place we visited, plus illustrations (so thousands of words if you follow the cliche…).

(Disclaimer: not necessarily fully representative of all a place has to offer, merely what we experienced of it. Except in the case of Iguazu.)



Salta – Steak, stories, walking

Iguazu – Waterfall, waterfall, waterfall

Buenos Aires – Family, tango, cafes

Cordoba – Arguments, rooftop-pool, roast

Mendoza – Wine bike tour


Santiago – Friends, feasting, Christmas!

Valparaiso – Graffiti, mist, steep

Viña del Mar – Sea, asado, trampoline

Pucon – volcano, forest, lake

Bahia Inglesa – Sun, sand, seafood

Iquique – Beach, waves, paragliding

Arica – Transfer to Peru!

We’ve finished our time in South America by circling back up to Peru for our return flight from Lima, giving us the opportunity to fulfil all the traveller stereotypes by stopping off at Machu Picchu for a last hurrah before packing our bags for the plane ride home…!

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